Myositis Canada

Myositis Canada

Myositis Canada is a non-profit agency formed in 2015 by people with myositis who wanted an agency dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by myositis. Our mission is a world where each new case of myositis is diagnosed and cured within months, and where full rehabilitation from myositis damage is routine.

MyMyositis describes inflammation or swelling of the muscle tissue. Dermatomyositis includes inflammation of the muscles and the skin. DM is the easiest type of myositis to diagnose because it typically has a visible skin rash caused by inflammation of blood vessels under the skin. The DM rash looks patchy and reddish or purple and is found on the eyelids, elbows, knees and knuckles. Additional rashes may occur on the cheeks, nose, back and upper chest. Some people also have calcinosis, hardened little bumps under the skin. There is a sub-type of DM where the person affected only suffers from inflammation of the skin with no muscle involvement. 


06 December 2022


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