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We help people impacted by skin, hair and nail conditions live healthier lives.

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Canadian Skin is our award-winning magazine that is published in English and in French, three times per year. Each issue features engaging first-person stories, articles and helpful tips on how to live well while managing skin conditions, and the latest resources for patients, their loved ones and healthcare professionals.

Skin, Hair and Nails

There are thousands of skin, hair and nail conditions ranging from inflammatory conditions like eczema and acne to skin cancers like melanoma, rare diseases like ichthyosis, and everything in between. Visit Skin, Hair and Nails to learn more about different skin conditions, treatments, supports, and more.


Our Impact


educational resources for patients and their loved ones, in English and French


organizations we collaborate with to support our community


policy consultations to improve skin patients' lives in the last year

Is My Prescription Covered?

If you have just received a prescription and are wondering if that treatment is covered, you are in the right place.

Determining what – if any – drug coverage is available to you and your family can be a complicated and overwhelming experience. It depends on whether you have access to a private insurance plan through work, school, or a union, where in Canada you live, your family income, your age and what conditions you have that the prescription would treat.

Check out our interactive drug coverage finder to help you determine if you have coverage for your prescription.  



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